The Complete Alfred the Great


Alfred the Great

Welcome to Ogdoad's pages devoted to the most
interesting and versatile of all English kings,
Alfred of Wessex

On these pages you will find:

a brief history of Alfred's reign (not ready)
a summary of his achievements (not ready)
views of Alfred through the ages (not ready)
some visual depictions of Alfred
Alfred the Cake (humour/ephemera)
the geography of Alfredian Wessex
Alfred's towns, the burhs
Alfredian and other Anglo-Saxon links
......................and bonus page
Alfred's Winchester, including news of recent discoveries
Alfred of the English,
the greatest treasure-giver of all the kings he had ever heard tell of, in recent times or long ago, or of any earthly king he had previously learned of.

Wulfsige, 9th C

Some pages may still be under construction (sorry!)

So stands the image of Alfred, shining
brightly in the book of the world's history,
never defaced by malice or ignorance, nor
dimmed by his own errors

Pauli, 1853

Not yet readyNot yet readyNot yet readyImages of AlfredAlfred's TownsAlfred the CakeAlfred's WessexAlfred's WinchesterLinksBooks

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